We believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) are poised to transform healthcare, democratizing the challenge and delivering assitive technologies that will empower doctors to better serve their patients, data analysis, data storage and integration, data mining and data analyzing specifically in healthcare.



Multiple Artificial Technology Acceleration (MATA) is the AI solutions digital platform developed by Twistcode® which leverage machine learning and supercomputing capabilities to the works in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, fintech and healthcare.

In healthcare domain, offers 2D/3D medical imaging informatics suite embedded with machine learning features to tap full potential of the data generated by PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). By capitalizing from the compound knowledgebase drawn from aggregated imaging data and our fine-tuned algorithms, can serve not only as an enhanced computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) tool but also in prognostics- assisting medical professionals to predict health conditions before they advance, perhaps even before they happen.

Currently offers medical imaging informatics tools for Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer and Skin Cancer Detection from X-Rays and MRIs, with more health conditions and disease types are to be incorporated in the platform in the future. offers a gateway to AI and ML in healthcare, providing ease of access to medical professionals without requiring any extensive background in IT or AI to be able to use it.


We provide tools and services to help researchers continue to expand frontiers of healthcare research. With our on-premise GPU based supercomputer, we offer analytics suites on a commercial and collaborative basis.

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Fetch your molecular data resource from our mirror servers.

We mirrors and maintains the world's most comprehensive range of community-sourced and up to date molecular data resources to save you from the local bandwith limitation and hassle. With permission from our firends at EBI and NCBI, we enable you to query all their large biological data resources, free-of-charge. First in Malaysia.

Improve your research workflow with our centralized tools.

We provide Bioinformatics Tools, Molecular Dynamics Simulation, and Data Storage and Hosting tools which are optimized with our supercomputer cluster to deliver multitude of performance enhancements without compromising accuracy and reliability.

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